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ProSeries Application Guide

  ProSeries Application Guide.pdf

 ProSeries Airport  Application Guide.pdf


ProSeries Cut Sheets




Pro100 Mini
Single Zone for Smaller Areas
Part Number: 6198604

  Pro100 Cut Sheet.pdf
10,000 sqft.


Single Zone

Part Number: 6198620

  Pro200 Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000 sqft.


Single Zone with Graphic Display
Part Number: 6198612

  Pro200D Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000 sqft.


Scanning up to Four Zones with Graphic Display
Part Number: 6198627

  Pro200DSC Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000 sqft.


Single Zone
Extra Long Pipe Runs

Part Number: 6198642

  Pro200+ Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000+ sqft.


Single Zone with Display
Extra Long Pipe Runs

Part Number: 6198652

  Pro200D+ Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000+ sqft.


Scanning up to Four Zones with Graphic Display
Extra Long Pipe Runs

Part Number: 6198662

  Pro200DSC+ Cut Sheet.pdf
20,000+ sqft.




Power Supplies



UPS Power Supplies
Part Numbers:
   UPS-24S:  AL300ULS
    UPS-24L:  AL300ULEX

The UPS-24S and UPS-24L Power Supply provides supervised 24 VDC power and 24 hour battery back-up for the IFD Cirrus ProSeries™ Detectors. The UPS-24S and UPS-24L consist of an enclosure containing a power supply and charger PCB. The UPS-24S will hold a maximum of two 12V 12Ah batteries. The UPS-24L will hold a maximum of two 12V 18Ah, 26Ah, or 44Ah batteries.

  UPS-24S Cut Sheet.pdf       UPS-24L Cut Sheet.pdf

                  UPS and Detector combination examples:

Power Supply Batteries Units Powered
UPS-24S 2 - 12V 12Ah One Pro100 or 200 and one ProRemote, or one 200D
UPS-24L 2 - 12V 18Ah Up to two Pro100’s or 200’s and one ProRemote
One Pro200+ or 200D+ and one ProRemote
One Pro200DSC or 200DSC+ and one ProRemote
UPS-24L 2 - 12V 26Ah

Up to three Pro100’s or 200’s
One Pro+ unit, one Pro100 or 200 and one ProRemote

UPS-24L 2 - 12V 44Ah Up to four Pro200D and one ProRemote
Up to two Pro+ units and one ProRemote

Notes: Does not include .053 A for P/S-PCB.  Long wire runs between detectors may require larger gauge wire or additional power supplies. A general guideline for distance between detectors is 1000’ of 14 AWG or 100’ of 24 AWG wire.


Pipe and Fittings

Air Sampling Pipe Network
Pipe and Fittings

Standard aspirating systems use 3/4” pipe and fittings such as plenum rated BlazeMaster™ for use in plenums and all other spaces. 

Pipe, Radius Elbows, 90° Elbows, 45° Elbow, Tee’s, Couplings, Unions and End Caps.

  PS Piping Cut Sheet.pdf

Capillary Kits
Use for discrete sampling
Part Number: CK10710

Capillary Kits are used to sample through a false or drop ceiling and can be used with any standard aspirating system.

Each capillary assembly is constructed of plenum rated material making it ideal for any installation. Each assembly includes everything from the pipe tee to the sample point label and includes 15 feet of plenum rated tubing for each sample point.

Kits are available in 5, 10, 15 or 20 pack kits. The need for multiple part numbers and confusing part configurations has been eliminated.

  PS Capillary Kits Cut Sheet.pdf



Remote Display / Network Hub
Part Number: 6198629

The ProRemote™ is a remote LCD graphic display which allows for easy programming, alarm notification, troubleshooting and system status information from any location. Connected via an RS485 loop, the ProRemote™ can also be a monitoring network hub and host for easy system commissioning of multiple ProSeries™ detectors. The large LCD display can also display event logs, real time and historic graphs. Contact information for service companies may be displayed helping prevent servicing of equipment by unauthorized or untrained personnel.

  PS ProRemote Cut Sheet.pdf

TCP/IP Interface Module
Use with CirrusPro or Cirrus ProNet software
Part Number: 6198696

The ProSeries TCP/IP Interface Module is used to access a ProSeries detector network from any LAN or WAN network via an RJ45 connection.  The easy to install daughter board is simply mounted inside the detector and is configured using CirrusPro software.  When using the TCP/IP Interface, CirusPro software (mo charge) may be used to easily program, view and troubleshoot any detector on the network.  When used with Cirrus ProNet software, detailed detector and zo0ne location information is automatically displayed when any detector enters an alarm or fault state.

  PS TCP-IP Networking Cut Sheet.pdf

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