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What is UV/IR Fire Detection?

The SAFE 3IR Optical Flame Detector uses the latest technology and are designed to respond to invisible hydrocarbon fires, while maintaining a high degree of false alarm immunity. SAFE’s Optical Flame Detectors is founded on three principles: Enhanced Technology, Cost Effective and Easy to Install. The UV/3IR detectors have a simple twist and set interchangeable lens to make installations affordable and less complicated. The SAFE 3IR detector redefines installation ease with the latest in technical ingenuity. The SAFE 3IR Features include:


Why UV / IR?

Today’s modern environment are at risk of hydrocarbon explosions. Today’s challenges for this environment is to have good quality flame detectors that are easy to install and maintain while designed to provide the highest protection against hydrocarbon fires. Flame detectors represent the first line of defense in the case of a hydrocarbon release and the difference in containing the release or suffering a catastrophic explosion is in the quality and what type of detector to use.



Multi-spectrum infrared flame using three wavelengths

Long range 260 feet (80m) and 110° wide field of view

Wide operating temperature -4° F to 149° F ( -20° C to 65° C)

Relays and 4-20mA or 0-22mA output

Through lens optical check for IR sensors

ATEX Approved

Selectable sensitivity and time delays

Flexible mounting arrangement

Wireless detector configuration and testing

Suitable for use in SIL 2 applications

Available in Aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel




No more high ladders or shutting down production to reach a detector, unique to the industry is the SAFE Fire Detection Wireless Handheld Terminal TLU600 giving true flexibility to the installer. Wireless Handheld Terminal is Intrinsically Safe and can be use in explosive areas.
Time Delays, Sensitivity Setting and Relay Output configuration can be programmed via the Wireless Handheld Terminal.Wireless testing of the Optical Flame Simulation Test and Output Circuits testing can also performed using the Wireless Handheld Terminal.




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